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Fryer Filter Belts

CHR Industries fryer filter belts are constructed entirely of stainless steel. We do not use plated steel chain so there in no plating to flake off or subsequent rusting.  We use stainless steel spacers that do not shrink or melt like teflon can.  We use high quality 316 stainless steel wire cloth in 100, 80 or 60 micron.  We can provide belts in all standard or even custom widths.

In addition to offering belts of all new material, we can rebuild your existing ones.  After removing the chain from the worn wire cloth, we can attach it to new wire cloth of any size and micron rating you specify.  With the price of stainless steel skyrocketing, a rebuilt belt can easily save you dollars without sacrificing quality, and you can do your part to help conserve Earth's resources.  Let us propose a filter belt replacement program using new and rebuilt belts tailored to your needs.  Call us or fill out our survey form .